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Services Update - 02/08/2021

We have had many customers query the delay in payment.  To give context we were the ONLY collection point for the Return And Earn scheme that did not shut down for the entire duration of this lockdown. This meant that we have had thousands and thousands of calls and emails.  I am sorry it has taken some time to work through things but we are an office of 3 now dealing with most of the Greater Sydney Area’s questions about the Return And Earn Scheme.  In relation of our collection service all payments due up to and including the 13/7/2021 will be made by weeks end.  The following week we will make payments of the rest of the outstanding amounts.

We will be collecting all bins as we have had 2 drivers refuse to work and I do not want to place my staff under more pressure.

Please email me anthony@redfrogrecycling.com.au if you have any questions.  we currently have over 2000 collections and 2 drivers. Please be patient.  Every customer will receive a refund of their subscription fee.

Thanks – Anthony – 0405180384