The Story So Far…..

We started on our recycling journey when the NSW Return And Earn Scheme commenced on 01/12/2017.  Known then as Nepean Distributors our goal was to assist our existing customers (mostly Schools and Sports Clubs) in using the scheme as a method of fundraising.

After 12 weeks of hand counting 185,993 containers (a smelly but rewarding task) we became an Automated Depot for the scheme with our first bulk machine.

This gave us greater capabilities to sort larger amounts quickly and with our strong links to our local community the word spread that our kind service, speed and cash payments made using the scheme easy.

Our School numbers grew and by the end of Term 2 2018 we had helped raise over $30,000.00 for local schools through the scheme.

On 02/07/2018 we opened our second Automated Depot in Prestons. This gave us the ability to reach further and also formed the platform for what has fast become the easiest way to Return And Earn, our Free Home Collection Service.

As with our Automated Depots, the Free Home Collection service has spread by word of mouth and we can proudly say that if there is someone that cannot engage with the Return And Earn scheme due to lack of time, locality or disability we can (in most cases) offer a service to ensure that they too can Return And Earn.

In the 18 months since we started on this journey we have helped Schools, Sports Clubs and Community groups raise over $300,000.00, helped our local communities in Macarthur and Liverpool to access the scheme with ease and have collected over 24 MILLION containers.

1 out of every 100 containers returned in New South Wales comes through our doors and for our small team of dedicated staff this is a very proud achievement.

With your help and support we look forward to helping every person we can connect with the scheme and start a wider discussion about the importance of closed loop recycling.

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